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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Easy Peasy

TS and I discovered Colbar this evening. Yes, I know, WAAAAAAAY behind all the trendy people. It's tucked away off the AYE at Portsdown road, conveniently on the way home from NUH.
Holland village seemed too 'busy', vivocity is getting boring, didn't feel like eating duck rice, and I was not in the mood to cook. Instead, TS had chicken curry (not spicy, very coconutty, very more-ish with rice, 3 pieces of chicken) and I had a steak (oddly tender, nicely medium, tasty if mushy fries/wedges, canned button mushrooms! and an egg). Rounded off with a can of Kickapoo, and dinner came to S$30 for two. Not coffee shop prices, but reasonable considering the ease at which we settled the whole issue of dinner. We'll be back.
It's a relaxed sort of place, wear slippers and shorts, sit outside. Pietrasanta just opposite is also nice (ate there last week) but considerably more expensive (S$50-80 per head) and more "effort". Cicada is in the same complex, but looked prohibitively atas for the kind of dinner we had in mind.
On Sunday, I was supposed to da-bao back dinner from Vivocity (I had a pedicure, shiok. Now need to find some open-toe shoes that I can wear to work.), TS wanted Carl's Jr. but it is in direct violation of my 'diet', and besides, the queue was too long. I popped into Cold Storage instead, and bought a couple of beef tenderloin fillets and some mushrooms. We had the steaks pan fried in a dry non-stick pan over HIGH heat for about 3 min per side, then sliced and run under the grill blanketed by sharp cheddar cheese. When the cheese was melted, the whole thing was rolled up in a tortilla with baby spinach (had to sneak in the veges somehow) and eaten with a touch of Linghams. Ta-dah: TS thought it was even BETTER than the portobello mushroom burger he had been looking forward to! And it only took 15 min from the time I stepped into the house to the food being on the table. We were starving by then of course, and so we inhaled it all without taking a single photo. You'll just have to trust me when I say it was Goooood, and that it will be made again. I must remember the onions next time.

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timtam said...

I love Colbar too -- the curry chicken is yummy, SY and I always get it with extra bread! And going there is a great way to start the weekend e.g Saturday brunch...
I'm a sucker for these chill spots, and you should check out Mimolette for Sunday brunch as well. You totally don't feel like you're in SG..