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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Everything and more

The husband's birthday is tomorrow and I have nothing to give him. Thankfully he's identified some camera equipment that he wants, but doesn't need, and has decided that that will do. Terrible wife aren't I?? I also organised dinner with his friends, but didn't make it a surprise because I had to find out if he wanted a big do or a small one. I guess I should have known the answer.
One of our friends who is coming to dinner said they thought long and hard about it, and came to the conclusion that he has everything. Gladly, the birthday boy came to the same conclusion yesterday evening while chatting in the car on the way home (thanks sweetie).
I don't think I've ever felt that sort of contentment in my life. Or that I ever will. Maybe it's just built into my nature? I'm married to the eternal optimist, who always sees the silver lining in the cloud, and whose glass is always half-full. He's married to the woman looking at everything through mud-tinted glasses, and who always chooses the worst possible interpretation of any scenario. I guess we must compliment each other in this aspect...
I'm learning to be more grateful for what I have (that is the lesson to be learnt here), but it's an uphill battle that needs constant reinforcement. Which is surprising if you consider objectively what I do have. Relative health, a lovely home, supportive family, caring in-laws, a stimulating job (ok, so I could earn more), and of course a wonderful husband. What more could I possibly want?
Take stock of your life. Chances are, you'll find it adds up to more than you realised.


TS said...

Love you Dear

fong said...

It's a blessing even to know you're blessed. Life is awful when you can never feel content, so I'm very glad you are!